Earth-Two Elseworlds: The Spectre and the Demon: Gamemasters

Earth-Two Elseworlds: Five Earths Multiverse

Earth-Two Elseworlds: The Spectre and the Demon


The Race crossover

by Dan Swanson and Christine Nightstar

As the U.S. Presidential race continues, several of the players been moved about like pieces on a grand chess board. But what happens when two of the most powerful spirits — the Spectre and the Demon Etrigan — discover that they are among those who have been manipulated? Guest starring the ghost of the Batman!

Editor’s note: This story, based on the continuity of Earth-2, is not in itself considered in continuity because of its portrayal of the ghost of Bruce Wayne (Batman of Earth-2), its uncharacteristic depiction of Earth-2’s Zeus (see Justice Society of America: Times Past, 1947: The New Olympians), and the use of Etrigan the Demon, who is an Earth-1 character. It otherwise is a well-written story, and we present it here as an Elseworlds story for your enjoyment.

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