The Justice Machine Timeline

A very brief overview of the Georwell Imperium and the Justice Machine

by Dan Swanson

Author’s note: The Justice Machine and some related properties are owned by Mark Ellis. The timeline below is my own interpretation and may not reflect the official version of the Justice Machine’s history.

  • Orge Georwell born in Alpadia, a small country on the
    largest continent (later known as First Continent) of
    the planet that will someday be named Georwell.
  • Orge Georwell leads a revolution and becomes king of
    Alpadia, which he renames the Kingdom of Georwell.
    Orge becomes known as Orge the Conqueror.
  • Orge the Conqueror crowned Emperor Orge after
    conquering a neighboring kingdom. The government he
    forms eventually evolves into the governing body that is
    still in power at the time of the Justice Machine story.
    No other emperor is ever allowed to use the name Orge.
  • Georwellian Calendar put into place. All books,
    scrolls, and other printed references to years before the
    year zero are destroyed, and anyone caught recounting events
    that occurred earlier are put to death — a law that is
    still on the books in 1984, though rarely enforced. As
    far as the Imperium is concerned, history begins at year
  • Battle of Martel. Descendent of Orge barely defends
    Martel from barbarian conquerors.
  • Muller Leibniz constructs a mechanical engine, driven
    by punch cards, which allows the Imperium to create,
    store, sort, retrieve, edit, and update records of all
    Imperium citizens. Universal I.D.s assigned to all
  • Babbage Turing constructs the first electronic analog
  • Last independent kingdom on the First Continent falls
    to Empire of Georwell.
  • Empire of Georwell tests first ICBM.
  • Conquest of Second Continent completed by the Empire
    of Georwell.
  • First single stage to orbit space vehicle.
  • First man in space.
  • First man to reach one of Georwell’s moons.
  • Conquest of Third Continent by the Empire is
    completed; planet renamed Georwell.
  • First man on another planet in the Georwell system.
  • Brown Slasher Kit Girl, later Brown Slasher Kit Woman
    (BiSKit for short), born on Beortsh in a civilization
    similar to that of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy
    (Iroquois) on Earth. She apparently stopped aging at
    around 27 years old. She is afflicted with the berserker
    rage, and once she discovers this, becomes outcast. She
    wanders Beortsh, becoming a master of many different
    martial arts systems in a search for a way to control
    her gangr. Later identities include Uillian Raynebenyve,
    Ulain Benyev, Tyvain Sithlam, Ylzy Obanon, Alyza Hobon,
    Batterstar, Challenger I.
  • Georwell visited by aliens.
  • First Georwellian faster-than-light (FTL) spaceship (based on stolen
  • Georwell conquest of Beortsh begins.
  • Beortsh conquest ends; Beortsh becomes the first
    extrasolar planet in the Georwellian Imperium.
  • Brown Slasher Kit Woman adopts the name of Uillian
    Raynebenyve and immigrates to Georwell. She spends the
    next 300 years roaming the Imperium (and other nearby
    star systems) in a variety of identities.
  • A cabal of rebels captures the emperor and convinces
    him to set up a council, with himself as Number 1.
    Council of Six is born, eventually grows to become the
    Council of Ten. Councillors institute research into life-extension techniques.
  • Brown Slasher Kit Girl, now known as Ulain Benyev,
    joins Research Central.
  • Lionheart born. He is a mutant of the Leonin species.
    He will keep details about his species and powers
  • Scientist Third Ulain Benyev invents powered combat
  • Backed by a small cabal of trusted aides equipped in
    powered combat armor, Scientist First Ulain Benyev
    unifies all Georwell militia and civilian peacekeeping
    forces under her control as the first chief prosecutor
    of the Georwell Imperium.
  • Conquest of Zheng Interstellar Kingdom. One of the
    client planets to the Zheng Kingdom was the home of the
    Wolven, a race of beings descended from wolf-like
    predators. The (future) Justice Machine member Feral is
  • Council of Nine becomes Council of Ten as Chief Prosecutor
    Benyev is offered the new council seat.
  • Jerek Renain born on Elothsigur, formerly part of the
    Interstellar Kingdom of Zheng.
  • Jerek Renain enters the military service of Georwell,
    not quite voluntarily. He undergoes rigorous physical
    and mental testing and is selected for the Department of
    Intelligence, Investigation, and Interrogation.
  • Jerek Renain completes his training as a spy.
  • The Erwhon annexation campaign begins.
  • Jerek Renain sent to Erwhon.
  • Pestul Barez born. He will eventually become the chief
    prosecutor of Georwell.
  • Acting on information obtained by Jerek Renain,
    Colonel Dewantay Seysa and his battalion of Terror
    Troopers conqueror Imbrourkericealdus, the capital city
    of the Planetary Collective of Erwhon. Erwhon
    capitulates, and Seysa is awarded the Order of Orge,
    Silver Cluster, the highest award given to living
    members of the military.
  • Erwhon is the home to a race of intelligent beings
    called Puman, descended from cat-like predators.
  • The Iron Boot, the flagship of the Erwhon invasion
    fleet, vanishes with all hands. The Iron Boot was packed
    with treasures gathered during the looting of
  • Councillor Number Ten of the Council fakes her death;
    Council of Ten renamed to Council Central with nine members.
  • Former Councillor Number Ten joins the staff of
    Councillor Four as a hypersonic flier alert pilot.
  • Former Councillor Number Ten invents the superhero
    identity of Tyvain Sithlam/Batterstar and joins the
    Justice Machine.
  • Arndo Zarren born. He will eventually lead the Justice
    Machine for a short time after Light-Wave retires, and
    then become the chief prosecutor of Georwell, replacing
    Prosecutor Barez.
  • Girval Bettan is promoted to the position of chief
    prosecutor of Georwell after proving that the former
    chief prosecutor was plotting treason against the
  • As one of his first acts of office, Chief Prosecutor
    Bettan creates the Guardians, a second team of
    government heroes. The Guardians are sort of like a
    second shift for the Justice Machine — the Machine
    deals with crises during their shift (early AM until
    late evening) and the Guardians the rest of the day. All
    members of the Guardian team are appointed by Bettan.
  • Masha Fynn (the Flame) born.
  • Lionheart undergoes experimental treatment by Research
    Central in an effort to restore his powers.
  • Lionheart begins making poor command decisions.
    Research Central blames his declining mental facilities
    on his advancing age.
  • Events from Justice Machine: A Day in the Life.
  • Lionheart replaced by Batterstar as leader of the
    Justice Machine.
  • Energizer prototype developed by Research Central,
    implanted in a spider monkey.
  • SpiderMonk battles the Justice Machine until subdued
    by Lionheart.
  • The scientist who invented the Energizer implants one
    of the prototypes in herself and dies horribly.
  • The Justice Machine adopts SpiderMonk as a mascot.
  • Dewantay Seysa is tried for treason as a leader of the
    Rebel Underground.
  • Jaiime Conrad (Challenger) born.
  • Chief Prosecutor Bettan is accused of trying to build
    a private army around the Guardians. Bettan and the
    Guardians are all executed.
  • Coqurl Maxinor born.
  • Jerek Renain retires from DIII. He takes a position
    teaching martial arts at the Police Academy in Martel.
  • Lionheart ‘retires’ from the Justice Machine to
    Zamyatin. He is only five times as strong as a human and
    can no longer fly or emit electro-beams, but is still
    invulnerable. He is stationed on Zamyatin to provide
    security for the secret weapons station there.
  • Tyvain Sithlam/Batterstar fakes her death, establishes
    a new identity as Ylzy Obanon, the first Challenger.
  • Talisman born and orphaned.
  • Masha Fynn (the Flame) joins the Justice Machine.
  • Jerek Renain recalled to active duty in the military,
    assigned to teach martial arts at the Academy.
  • Justice Machine battles The Trio of Terror
    (not written yet).
  • Pestul Barez advances to the office of chief
    prosecutor of Georwell after assassinating his
  • Events from Justice Machine: Challenges Act 2.
  • Simon Spears opens Unlimited Servants, Robots and
    Mechanical Men and becomes known as the Robot Master.
  • Terror Troopers close U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men;
    Simon Spears arrested for treason.
  • Simon Spears, AKA the Robot Master, recruited by
    Prosecutor Barez.
  • Tessei Molleng born with a dysfunctional nervous
    system in Nakluna on Georwell. Research Central implants
    receivers in her brain that can receive sensory
    information transmitted by sensors embedded in her
  • Events from Justice Machine: Challenges Act 2.
  • Council Central approves Prosecutor Barez’s plan to
    improve the training of Georwell’s military.
  • Rad retires from the Justice Machine, and the spinners
    promote a romance between Light-Wave and the Flame.
  • Squad of Nahman-form robots sent to Kurnnegut.
  • Robot Master escapes from custody of Prosecutor Barez.
  • Jaiime Conrad joins the Justice Machine.
  • Events from Justice Machine: Challenges Act 2.
  • First acts of Nahman aggression versus humans on
  • Start of the First Human Kurnnegut War (First Nahman
  • Ivar Osk (Monolith), older brother of Jemin Osk
    (Titan) born.
  • Jerek Renain allowed to retire from the military. He
    moves to Pragasus 38.
  • Events from Justice Machine: Challenges Act 2.
  • Jaiime Conrad’s first mission with the J.M.
  • Ylzy Obanon (first Challenger) missing in action.
  • Jaiime Conrad adopts the code name Challenger.
  • Fricton, Icer, Steadfast, and Farad join the Justice
  • Events from Justice Machine: Challenges Act 2.
  • Alyza Hobon awakens in a hospital on Kurnnegut,
    recovering from horrible injuries and with no memory of
    her past.
  • The Nahman on Kurnnegut surrender, ending the First
    Nahman War.
  • Jemin Osk (Titan) born.
  • More heroes, currently unknown, join the Justice
    Machine (and later die in the Rim Wars).
  • Coqurl Maxinor joins Research Central.
  • Light-Wave and the Flame married.
  • Rim Wars begin.
  • Antol Osk (Steadfast, uncle to Titan) killed in Rim
  • Mother of Ivar and Jemin Osk dies from complications
    due to drugs injected by Research Central while she was
    pregnant, drugs intended to give her babies super-powers.
  • Gabel Nevin (Demon) born on the planet Pragasus 38.
  • Dirk Patrick (Crusader) born.
  • Events from Riddle of the Robot Justice Machine
    — Simon Spears attempts to replace the Justice Machine
    with robotic doubles. This story takes place during a
    temporary lull in the Rim Wars.
  • Giant shot on an asteroid.
  • Coqurl Maxinor transferred to Super Powers Division of
    Research Central and assigned to Dynamor Project.
  • Tessei Molleng begins working at Research Central,
    hoping to help other people who have problems similar to
    her own.
  • Light-Wave tells Jemin Osk that his father has died in
    the Rim Wars.
  • Events in the Rim Wars — see Justice Machine
    #9, Comico
  • Light-Wave goes missing on a deep space mission.
  • Challenger, the Haunt, the Flame, and Feral invade the
    Rim World capital.
  • Challenger and the Flame have an affair; Masha becomes
  • Rim Wars end.
  • Research Central experiments on the pregnant Masha
    Fynn to increase the power of her unborn baby (R.C. claims
    that they are trying to find out why her powers have
  • Jaiime Conrad spends a lot of time at R.C. visiting
    Masha; meets Tessei Molleng.
  • Light-Wave is miraculously discovered unharmed
    floating in space.
  • Masha Fynn (the Flame) and Light-Wave retire.
  • Robert Maxinor (Youthquake) born.
  • Arndo Zarren transferred from Terror Troopers to lead
    Justice Machine.
  • Justice Machine and a battalion of Terror Troopers
    involved in the Golding Occupation, a minor military
    action in the Wyndham system.
  • Mitrian Fynn (Blazer) born.
  • Events from What Haunts a Demon? — Gabel Nevin’s
    abusive father kills his mother, and Gabel runs away.
  • Maxinor is a research assistant on the Dynamor Project
    and improves the Energizer by making it less powerful.
    He is transferred off the project again before
    completing it.
  • Research Central project gives Dynamor her powers,
    using the incompletely modified Energizer.
  • The Burgess Subjugation begins as Georwell invades
    one of the former Rim Worlds.
  • Challenger disobeys an order by Zarren and saves
    Zarren and the Justice Machine from destruction. Zarren blinded in
    one eye in the resulting action. Zarren removed from J.M.
    leadership position and transferred to the staff of
    Chief Prosecutor Barez.
  • Challenger assumes leadership of Justice Machine.
  • Dynamor joins the Justice Machine.
  • Jaiime Conrad and Tessei Molleng are married.
  • Chief Prosecutor Barez tried for treason and executed.
    Zarren promoted to chief prosecutor.
  • Rhys Conrad born.
  • Monolith becomes a hero of the Imperium for his
    actions in the Burgess Subjugation, the military
    conquest of one of the former Rim Worlds.
  • Ragna and Ramman Conrad born.
  • Rhys Conrad taken into government care on his third
  • Events from What Haunts a Demon?
  • Gabel Nevin fights and defeats Karnak of the Lightning
    Fists in the Arena. Nevin refuses to kill Karnak as the
    crowd demands. This defiance gets him beaten up and
    thrown out on the streets.
  • Jerek Renain adopts Gabel Nevin and begins teaching
    him Kild’rell, the martial art used by the Georwellian
  • Events from What Haunts a Demon? — Jerek Renain
    killed by a street gang.
  • Gabel Nevin invents the Demon costume, then slaughters
    the street gang who killed his adoptive father.
  • Events from A Demon Among Us.
  • Nevin is captured by the Justice Machine and is
    forced into the Academy, where he develops his identity
    as Demon.
  • Siembieda Uprising.
  • Jemin Osk (Titan) joins the Justice Machine.
  • Ragna and Ramman Conrad taken into government care on
    their third birthday.
  • Jaiime Conrad suggests to Research Central that they
    develop more powerful sensory gear for Tessei, hoping
    that her sensory powers can approximate the tactical
    advantage Descry used to provide the Justice Machine.
  • Tana Mose, genetically modified by Research Central to
    be a super-genius, is born.
  • Research Central completes the more powerful sensory
    apparatus for Tessei Molleng (her cape).
  • Gabel Nevin (Demon) and Tessei Molleng A-Conrad
    (Diviner) join the Justice Machine.
  • Challenger makes Tessei second-in-command.
  • Talisman joins the Justice Machine.
  • Council Central begins training Tana Mose for a
    leadership role in the Justice Machine.
  • Events from Justice Machine: Challenges Acts 1 and
  • Dynamor retires.
  • Lionheart adventure from Justice Machine
    #13, Comico, January 1988
  • Events from Jerks Night Out.
  • Dirk Patrick graduates from the Academy, the youngest
    graduate since Jaiime Conrad. He is assigned to the
    security team at Council Central.
  • Blazer’s power manifests.
  • Rhys Conrad killed in Academy training exercise.
    Diviner quits the Justice Machine.
  • Maxinor ‘invents’ the dimensional lock, then defects
    to the Underground. Council Central orders that Robert
    Maxinor’s vocal cords be removed.
  • Masha Fynn (the Flame) driven into dementia by delayed
    effects of Research Central experiments performed on her
    before Mitrian’s birth, plus the shock of Mitrian’s
    problems controlling her powers.
  • Tana Mose fakes her death and begins constructing the
    Darkforce armor.
  • Challenger begins spending all his free time in the
    gym, where he meets and befriends another gym rat, Dirk
    Patrick. Under Challenger’s tutelage, Patrick begins to
    develop the superheroic identity of Crusader.
  • Events from A Demon Among Us.
  • During the Vogel Occupation, Demon’s addiction to
    Edge almost gets the Justice Machine killed. Demon goes
    into a forced rehab program for a month.
  • Diviner rejoins the Justice Machine.
  • Government accountant Geunther Reicht caught in an
    duotronic explosion which transforms him into Id, an
    energy being with telepathic capabilities.
  • Chief Prosecutor Zarren reinstitutes the Guardians
    (see 1924), with a somewhat different mission. Rather
    than being a second shift for the Justice Machine, the
    Guardians will focus mostly on combating internal
    threats such as the Underground, while the Justice
    Machine will focus on external threats.
  • Zarren recruits Id, Monolith, and Crusader as members
    of the Guardians.
  • Research Central develops Blazer’s containment suit.
  • Mitrian Fynn (Blazer) joins the Justice Machine.
  • Challenger versus Challenger Robot, Enemy, Justice
    Machine #3, Comico
  • Justice Machine Versus the Elementals #1-4 Comico
  • Tana Mose (Darkforce) is eight.
  • Justice Machine #1 Comico.
  • Blazer is eighteen.