Stories of the Multiverse

The stories found here take place in the Multiverse and mostly come from the Infinite Earths group, although many of these stories have been previously published on other groups. These stories take place in various parallel universes and alternate timelines. The stories may star characters from a wide variety of comic book publishers, as well as a few characters from other mediums with a comic-book focus. They focus on characters published by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and many other publishers.

You can read the stories here in three different ways: by character titles, by chronological order, or by author. All new published stories will also promoted on the Five Earths Project website. You can receive all new stories from this section through Google Reader by subscribing to the 5earths Multiverse RSS feed.

Multiverse Titles

Earth-2 Elseworlds

The following are stories that take place in an Elseworlds variant of Earth-2. They take place in a continuity that is very similar to the Earth-2 continuity of the Five Earths Project but either take place in alternate timelines in which events of history took place differently or are simply too contradictory to that existing continuity.

The Brave and the Bold: The Spectre and the Demon: Gamemasters

by Dan Swanson and Christine Nightstar
published February 12, 2006

As the U.S. Presidential race continues, several of the players been moved about like pieces on a grand chess board. But what happens when two of the most powerful spirits — the Spectre and the Demon Etrigan — discover that they are among those who have been manipulated? Guest starring the ghost of the Batman!


by Thea von Harbou
published 1927

In the great future city of Metropolis, the ruling class and the working class are sharply divided. The privileged live in towering skyscrapers and fill their lives with play, while the workers toil in the machines below for ten-hour shifts each day. Freder, the privileged son of the Master of Metropolis, lives a carefree but meaningless existence until Maria appears, and he learns the meaning of injustice and vows to do something about it by becoming a mediator between the rulers and the workers. But his father, Joh Fredersen, sees Maria’s dangerous ideas as a threat and enlists his old rival, the brilliant and eccentric scientist Rotwang, to devise a solution. He will build a female robot and give it Maria’s appearance and voice, then use it to influence the workmen to riot, allowing the Master of Metropolis to destroy Maria’s reputation and establish even more control over the working class. But even the Master of Metropolis has not reckoned with the power of love. Can Freder save Maria and stop these plots in time, or is Metropolis doomed?