Tales of Earth-I

Tales of Earth-I: The Five Earths Multiverse
The Tales of Earth-I focus on the immortals of the DC Universe. In the world of Earth-I (or Earth-Immortal), while there is only one positive and one negative universe, there have been — or will be — four Crisis events at various periods of time, with the Anti-Monitor as the main villain behind the Crisis, and the heroes of that age as his opposition.

The immortals in the DC pantheon of characters fight one another through these Crisis events, as the Anti-Monitor has recruited the likes of Vandal Savage, Tannarak, and others on his side, while the heroic immortals like Arion and Doctor Mist are his eternal opponents.

Earth-I Stories

Tales of Earth-I: Origin of the Time Crystal

by Dave Barnowski
published January 3, 2008

The Magic Crystal of History grants its owner the power to travel through time. But if you knew having the time crystal would lead to certain death, would you allow another to accept it, even if it was for the greater good? Immortals Arion and Nommo weigh this question one night in 1934.

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